We are back from an amazing family holiday in Florida. We did the whole Disney thing and amazing memories were made. We were lucky enough to be in Florida for three weeks visiting all the parks, going on all the rides and just marvelling in all of the Disney magic – they certainly know how to do it!

I am not a good reader, I find it hard to focus on one thing without getting distracted. I set a little goal for myself on this trip – to read some business books. I got the Brad Burton set of books for my birthday a while back and planned to plough through them. Wow! I couldn’t believe it, I managed to get through them all – I even read the first one while on the flight TO Florida. Something I thought I could never do.

These books have been a real source of comfort, revelation and drive for me and Scruffymonkey as a whole. I finished them and was buzzing. I understand more about what makes our business work, where we are going and what needs to be done. The most important one for me though is belief. I feel 10ft tall at the moment (not bad as I could almost be classed as a Hobbit) – Bags of drive and enthusiasm and ready to go full of confidence and a few new tricks in the bag too (Used one on a potential client this morning) – I’ve been BRADDED!

Lets do this!

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