Scruffymonkey have recently made a large donation to Lagan’s Foundation of a brand new website and ongoing care plan.

Chris became aware of Lagan’s Foundation through his membership of B for B Networking. It was clear from discussions with its founder Carren Bell that the foundation needed a voice and more opportunities to raise vital funds.

Through our extensive experience of working with charities, we were able to offer our support in how best to tell the story of the charity and its ongoing activities as well as make it easier for people to give their support.

“A clear objective for Scruffymonkey in terms of our success is not just a financial one, it is about making a difference to our local community.” – Chris Dawes

Lagan’s Foundation provides home respite and support services across the UK for the parents of young children with complex needs, specialising in congenital heart defects or feeding issues. Aged 0-19. For more information about the charity, check out their website