At Scruffymonkey we have recently been looking at the business from lots of different angles. The usual analysis all businesses need to do. The one we have been really thinking about is what makes us different? Why are people choosing Scruffymonkey?

This is an important question to ask, we all know there are loads of web design companies out there so we need to know what that is – whats our strength?. We have thought long and and hard and had lots of debate around it. The big conclusion was an interesting one, what some organisations would potentially see as a weakness was actually our biggest strength.

Our strength was the SMALL, LOCAL size of our company which allows us to have an excellent relationship with our clients. They pick up the phone and they know who they are going to talk to and get the result they want. There is a lot of power in that. All too often organisations are trying to project them self as being something they are not – and we were a bit guilty of that at one point too. The products we are producing are almost secondary. People are investing in us to support their business and to be there for them. Its a key point we are going to be keeping in mind in the future and something that we don’t want to lose as the company goes from strength to strength. A client recently said to us, pointing to us in the office ‘ never lose this’ meaning us working closely with his company. Thats why he chose us and not some large agency with a hard sell approach and dealing with numerous staff for his web project.

In a nutshell. We are going to keep it real. We are a small local award-winning web design company with a ‘no monkey business’ approach who love working with people, helping them achieve their digital goals

What makes you and your company different?