Scruffymonkey Web Design gains more monkeys, bananas and branches.

Scruffymonkey Web Design gains more monkeys, bananas and branches.

As you know, Scruffymonkey Web Design are a family business based in Bolton, providing a ‘no monkey business’ approach to website design.

From design planning to technical training, Chris and Lin are the family behind Scruffymonkey; a team tried and trusted by over 200 local and national organisations to make their plans for a new website effective, efficient and engaging.

Things have changed!

Whilst keeping to their tried and tested family ethos at Scruffymonkey and due to their growing expertise and partnerships they have decided to expand their services significantly to give even more value to the existing clients and attach more new ones.

“I never in my wildest dreams thought we would be able to achieve adding these services whilst keeping to our roots. It’s taken a long time to get it right before we ‘push the button’ as I want these added services to be perfect. I don’t just see Scruffymonkey as a brand I see it as us. It’s our family name. It’s a representation of us and why our company works” – Chris Dawes, Co-Founder, Scruffymonkey.

So what’s new?

Scruffymonkey are extremely proud to be offering a full SEO service for any existing or new clients. 

Through their own business growth they have begun to build strong relationships with providers of other services and it was during this time they were witnessing first hand excellent results and that gave them the confidence to pursue a joint venture. Importantly, Scruffymonkey were only happy to do this once they had the confidence this would add true value to their clients and was 100% transparent in its process and reporting.

How does it work?

Scruffymonkey have a strict process they have created to give the perfect mix of results and transparency. The package they are offering is just one single package, regardless of the size, and one fixed price. The contract is for a minimum term of 6 months for the client to really see the true benefit of the work and can be built upon if the client wishes. The team would firstly perform a full SEO audit of the clients online presence and Scruffymonkey would then, after a consultation about target markets, begin optimisation of all of their whole online presence not just their website. They would then provide details of the overall service, a plan of action and what’s included.

Here are just some results from sites using the SEO service:

  • 241% increase in online sales.
  • 2068% increase in online sales.
  • Average site traffic growth of 68%
  • A doubling in the average online transaction 

Want to find out more about the SEO service?Click hereOn this page there is also an opportunity to have a FREE SEO AUDIT of your site with zero obligation to purchase an SEO package. 

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