Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimisation services based in Bolton

On paper, it’s all so perfect.

You’ve got a great looking website, amazing products and services, and your sales pitch is totally on point.

But somehow, people just aren’t visiting your site, and therefore, nobody is buying from you.

How do you solve that problem and ensure you get eyes on the prize?

The answer is SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, if you’ve never been fully sure what those letters stand for. As part of a digital (online) marketing strategy, SEO can be the difference between your site simply looking the part – and your site doing the job it was built to do. SEO can help businesses just like yours go from best kept secret to the name on everyone’s lips.

What is SEO?

…and why do people keep going on about it?

The answer is simple – SEO is about making your website appealing to search engines (eg, Google), and ultimately making sure that its being visible (and directed towards) the people who you want and need to buy from you (your target audience).

Think about your own consumer habits. When you go online and search for something you want or need, Google is your friend in throwing up a raft of options that you might want to look at to find your next purchase (or perhaps just the answer to the question you’ve been asking). Those results and options Google gives you aren’t there by chance. They’re there because the sites behind them have great SEO. They play by Google’s gatekeeper rules to make sure that their site is the one you see whenever you forage for a key term in your online searches.

Does your competition use SEO?

There’s only one way to find out the answer to that question, and you may not like it when you see it!

We’re now living in a world where there is one website for every seven people on the planet. We know, take a breath and get your head around that stat for a second! It’s a stat we need to pay huge attention to, because in simple terms it means that there is immense competition for consumer attention – not just sales.

Having the right SEO in place helps you and your business gain a bigger share of the marketspace, grow your customer base, and win more of that coveted custom and business, time and time again.

Ready to let us Monkey Around with your SEO?

With successful SEO campaigns, we’ve been able to achieve great results for our clients, from increasing the number of visitors to their website by more than 400%, right the way through to positively impacting their sales by more than 350%. In every case, a well-planned and executed SEO campaign sits at the heart of the strategy.

Our team of monkeys are specialists in SEO and getting sites seen. We understand your business, and we understand your target audience, too. We can help you with creating a plan for all the different aspects of SEO you need, and then help you to implement it to make a difference in your digital marketing.

SEO? Let’s go.

Interested in a FREE SEO AUDIT?

Let’s have a no-hassle, jargon-free chat and see how we can help. No monkey business!