One of the big mistakes business owners make is that just having a website is enough. If you are looking at your website as just a tick boxing exercise, you have just failed.

Let us ask you a question. What is one of the first things you do after you have made a connection with somebody or had a business recommended to you? You Google them! If your website is down, out of date, or the information is wrong, your business opportunity has gone.

Your website should be constantly evolving alongside your business activities. This should include things such as:

  • New blogs / news articles about what your business is doing or industry news.
  • Case studies of your work with clients.
  • Testimonials from clients
  • Fresh assets e.g images / videos

The list goes on…

Just like any other investment in your business, you want to see a return. Your best chance of a return on your investment, is to understand that having a new website is the start of the journey and not the end. Your website is a platform for you to tell your businesses story.

Make the most of it!

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