Vanilla or Rum and Raisin? Pick one.

Vanilla or Rum and Raisin? Pick one.

No, No turn back now if you think you are here to read a little blog about ice cream flavours. This blog is not for you! Head over to Ben and Jerry’s.

We see so much coming through our doors in terms of content creation and what people put on their blogs, socials and newsletters. Some good. Some not so good. Some Vanilla some rum and raisin.

So what is a vanilla ice cream? Bland, generic, plain and forgetful. Is that what you want with what you are putting out there a ‘tick boxer’, something completely forgetful? Ask yourself would you be interested in reading this? If the answers ‘No’ then why would you expect your audience to. Have something to say. Make it interesting. Give it a little flavour – even a flake on top makes that vanilla ice cream a little more tasty.

The bold, those that push themselves choose to be a little bit more ‘rum and raisin’ they have something so say. They want to attract attention, pull people in, this flavour its going to be for everyone some people will love it and want more some people will never want that flavour again. Rum and Raisin stands out from the pack.

What flavour do you want to be? 

At Scruffymonkey we’d rather have something to say than tick the boxes. Its frustrating! Honestly, especially on social media to see tick-boxing exercises pumped out every day. It’s not for us. We want to give value. This blogs intention isn’t to be vanilla, it’s having something to say to make people think to make them realise and hopefully give them a confidence to have something to say.

If you like vanilla, rock your socks off. Bland ordinary and generic is a choice just like being rum and raisin. It’s bold and different from the rest. Scruffymonkey would choose the latter every time.

Think about being Rum and Raisin in your business too. How many businesses out there simply are clones of the others. Vanilla. Vanilla. Vanilla. Why would I choose to use your business if what you are saying is the same as everyone else and you keep hammering me with the same generic stuff. It’s not going to hit the mark full stop! Dare to be different. Dare to be unique.

Rum and Raisin people. You have to be more Rum and Raisin.

ps. Other flavours are available.

pps. You cant beat a few sprinkles and sauce too!

If you want any info on how you can add a bit of flavour to your website or online content you know where to find us!