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Scruffymonkey Web Design Bolton - Award-winning website maintenance with a 'no monkey business' approach - from just £50 per month.

Why do you need a Website Maintenance Plan? You’re an expert in running your business, and Scruffymonkey are experts in running websites. We want you to concentrate on doing what you do best, so let us take one extra pressure off your hands by taking caring of your website’s visible content, functionality and security for you.

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Our Care Plans


per month
Up to 2 hours per month
12 Month Contract
Work commences within 2-3 days
This package is ideal for businesses who want to use our time for making minor alteration and adding new content such as news articles.


per month
Up to 4 hours per month
12 Month Contract
Work commences within 2 days
This package is aimed at businesses who make more frequent changes to their content and is required in a more immediate timeframe.


per month
Up to 8 hours per month
12 Month Contract
Work commences within 1 day
This is aimed at heavy usage businesses who have a higher turnover of content and require more bespoke functionality and regular consultation with Scruffymonkey.

By signing up to one of our care plans, we offer you the following benefits:

SEO Optimisation

Getting found on the web is a battle. With our website care plan service we ensure that your website is continuously for on-page SEO. This gives you the best chance of being found by optimising every page for Keywords, Meta-descriptions and Alt-Tags. We will work with you to make sure your website is routinely updated y to meet all given guidelines to make you, your customers and Google happy.

By signing up to one of our care plans, we offer you the following benefits:

Support & Expertise

Building and publishing the site is only the start of the process. We want to work with you as part of our Care Plan to push your web presence further. We will actively work with you to alter it as needed to reflect current and further business operations and suggest ways of using it positively as part of your marketing strategy.

By signing up to one of our care plans, we offer you the following benefits:

Telephone Support

You will always be able to contact the team at Scruffymonkey to discuss any web development requirements or training for your team. Consider us a member of the team! Our support will to you is all part of the service.

By signing up to one of our care plans, we offer you the following benefits:

Website Statistics

Do you know how many visitors come to your website? Where from? What are they looking at? These stats are freely available but we will help you make sense of them and adjust your site content and functionality if necessary to make sure your are engaging with them to maximum effect.

By signing up to one of our care plans, we offer you the following benefits:

Security Updates

We all know that computers always receive updates. Websites are no different. It is essential to keep your website up to date to avoid virus’s and hacks. Our service will make sure your website it always in top condition and will be actively monitored.

Support and Expertise
Telephone Support
Website Statistics
Security Updates

Before we get started..


Payments for our Website Maintenance Plans are all made via Direct Debit for a minimum fixed term contract. All plans can be changed, if required, to adapt to client needs.

Any more questions?

If any of your questions are not answered or you need further clarification please do not hesitate to contact us. Email info@scruffymonkey.co.uk or call (01204) 214228.

Common questions answered..

Payments are taken once a month on an agreed date for the length of your contract. These payments are taken via Direct Debit.

You can upgrade your chosen package at any time. If you wish to decrease the package you will need to have fulfilled the initial terms of your original contract.

If you have gone beyond the agreed time within your allocated package, we would promptly inform you of the need to charge per hour for the work involved. This would be agreed upfront prior to the work taking place. Hours of work can not be transferred from one month to another.

In most cases, yes. To do this, we would need to ensure you have all of the necessary access to your website. We may need to transfer it so both you and Scruffymonkey have full access to it.

We have been working with Scruffymonkey on a number of innovative digital projects over the past 12 months. Scruffymonkey has walked us through the process every step of the way and has always delivered on time and within budget. I am looking forward to developing future projects with Scruffymonkey and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Lindsey Duckworth

Marketing & Communication Manager, Caritas Care
Scruffymonkey are a force to be reckoned with; dynamic, value for money, extremely helpful and above all creative in the bespoke design of a website. They were brilliant designing ours.

Maura Jackson

First class customer service and a fabulous website which is working very well for my business. Highly recommended.

Julie Lomax

Director, Julie Lomax Photography
Our website needed a complete revamp to make it legally compliant, mobile-friendly and more responsive. Scruffymonkey has produced a really impressive website that fulfils all our demanding criteria for now and for the future that allows us to develop our offerings for a global audience. Scruffymonkey put in the necessary training to allow us full control of the site and are there to provide necessary input and support as appropriate.

Robin Hills

Director, Ei4Change
Scruffymonkey took on a huge challenge when they agreed to develop a website for my digital start-up. If points are issued for tenacity they win hands-down. Anyone can design a standard website but my requirements were highly complex and the functionality is way beyond what is typically required. They've approached every challenge with good grace and determination... and succeeded.

Nicola King

Director, GHIC
Working with Scruffymonkey was a sound and professional choice for me to make in creating and developing my website for my business. From the start, they were honest and upfront about how each idea might best work. I trust them fully in ensuring that my website is functioning as effectively as it possibly can be.

Jo Watson

Director, agoodwriteup

Contact us to see how we can help you with your next Website Design project!

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