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Scruffymonkey Web Design, Bolton

If you need a brand-new website designing, and you lack the time and expertise to make sure it runs smoothy once it’s live, you’ve swung into the right place.

Website design is what we do for all of our happy clients at Scruffymonkey, and website support is what we do for all the wisest ones! So, let’s start as we mean to go on, have a stress-free, jargon-free chat, and see how we can help you. No monkey business!

Designing your website is only the start of your online venture with us. Making the absolute most of it is our speciality.

We are Scruffymonkey Web Design in Bolton – and this is not a pivot. We’ve been creating amazing websites for our equally amazing clients since 2013.

Our Award-Winning Services
Let’s go NUTS!

Website Design

You want a website for the world to see and for your customers to love, so let us create you the website you deserve. The way we work makes it really nice and easy – and stops you going bananas in the process. You’ve got questions, though – so go ahead and ask us anything. We’re here for you as you find your feet, and we’ll still be there for you when your website’s flying.


You’ve got some great products that you stock – or perhaps even create yourself – and now you want to sell them online. Let’s get you up and running! Setting up shop (literally) can feel daunting at first, but we Monkeys have extensive experience of the right options for you to put your products in front of people. Online, of course.

Website Support Services

Your website going live is only the start of it. You’ll want to make sure that it continues to work and display effectively and efficiently as you showcase your stuff to the world as a permanent fixture of your online presence. We can take care of all of that for you, so don’t worry! Got news, products or opportunities you need to add? And what will you be doing in that time? Getting on with your work!


With successful SEO campaigns, we’ve been able to achieve great results for our clients, from increasing the number of visitors to their website by more than 400%, right the way through to positively impacting their sales by more than 350%. We can help you with creating a plan for all the different aspects of SEO you need, and then help you to implement it to make a difference in your digital marketing.


If you’re going to have a website, you really need to look the part. We can make everything look fabulous for you, but in order to really stand out against the chatter, it pays to have some great branding to really show yourself off. If you need new logos, a stash of visuals or graphics, or a much-needed update to your existing branding, we can get you sorted – and then get you seen.


It’s not what you say, it’s the way that you say it! Or so good copywriters often tell us. Content really is king, so make sure your content really does wear its crown with pride on your website. Our expert copywriters can take away any stress by writing your copy for you to ensure that your content marketing is a hit – and that your sales copy is never amiss.

The nuts & bolts. Our tried and tested process to keep you from going bananas.


Come have a chat with us. Let’s find out all about you, your business, and your aims for all that you’re doing. If we get along just great, and you like what we put forward to you, let’s start work!


We are the experts! It feels so good saying that – especially when it’s true! Our team of monkeys will listen to your ideas, questions and problems regarding your website, and will advise you on what the best options are that we can put into place.


Once everyone knows what they want and how they want it doing, we’ll crack on with creating your website. We’ll work on every bit of your design until it’s ‘the nuts’. That’s a technical term, by the way. Call us geeks, but we’ve got a nice little proven process in place to take everything from start to finish – and it really works!


At Scruffymonkey, our Monkey Mantra is this. A website is never finished, it just goes live! If we’ve come this far, we want to continue in a long-lasting relationship with you to make sure your site is well-looked after, always running at its best, and never, ever neglected.

Interested in our services at Scruffymonkey?

Let’s have a no-hassle, jargon-free chat and see how we can help. No monkey business!