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Digital Consultancy Services for Charities

We have been creating award-winning website for our clients for over 10 years using our proven easy to follow process.

Digital Marketing Advisory  Service for Charitable Organisations 

A professional advisory service for you and your organisation to make sure you are seen and heard in a digital world. 

An expertly crafted 7-step process based on over 10 years experience of working with organisations throughout the UK to make sure that you and your team have the necessary tools, knowledge and skills to promote your organisation to the best of its potential without the expensive outlay of dedicated teams of digital marketing experts. 

Let us be part of your Charities Digital Marketing Team! 

Maybe it’s something to do with having worked with charities and within education in our pre-primate professional lives, but there’s something about working with non-profits that really gets us excitedly chattering away like, well, monkeys, here at Scruffymonkey HQ. 

We’ve worked with over 40 charities across the globe (but even more happily, in our hometown of Bolton) to design, build, and manage websites that really work hard to turn clicks into cash donations. During that time, we’ve learned about the internal processes, social constraints, and general challenges that charities face when considering everything to do with their online presence.

Our 7 Pillars

Over the course of our Advisory service we will work with you through these 7 core pillars:-

Digital Strategy and Planning

Digital Branding and Identity

Website Optimisation and User Experience

Digital Fundraising and Donation Campaigns

Digital Integration of Internal Processes

Social Media Management

Digital Skills Training and Capacity Building


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Each session is designed to last an entire morning. The size of the organisation will determine the amount of staff that will be needed to attend and if you feel its appropriate. Some staff may be required for some sessions and not others. 

For each of the ‘Pillars’ we will be asking questions of the organisation and this will inevitably mean staff collecting resources together for us to look at and analyse. 

No, that’s it… But be aware…. During the process, we may identify gaps in your organisations marketing systems and processing that need plugging. This would be addressed at the time, and you may need outside specialists to help or additional training. 

This programme is designed to be delivered once a month onsite at your organisation over the course of 6 months (one session per month lasting a morning) We can however, condense the time down to a more convenient schedule if that is a better fit for the organisation. 

As part of the process, along with more skills, understanding and a plan going forward, you will also receive a report on our findings for your records and to refer back to. This document will not only outline our findings but will also act as a key part of your organisations digital development to ensure you have a plan for a digital future to sit alongside your organisations strategy. 

What Next?

To find out more about our Digital Advisory service and how it will benefit your organsiation get in touch with us today for a FREE no obligation chat

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