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We have been creating award-winning website for our clients for over 10 years using our proven easy to follow process.

Let us be part of your Charities Digital Marketing Team!

Maybe it’s something to do with having worked with charities and within education in our pre-primate professional lives, but there’s something about working with non-profits that really gets us excitedly chattering away like, well, monkeys, here at Scruffymonkey HQ.

We’ve worked with over 40 charities across the globe (but even more happily, in our hometown of Bolton) to design, build, and manage websites that really work hard to turn clicks into cash donations. During that time, we’ve learned about the internal processes, social constraints, and general challenges that charities face when considering everything to do with their online presence.

We also know that freeing up finances to jump these barriers is usually nowhere near the top of the list of priorities for where the money most needs to go. This is why we perform a FREE digital audit for any charities who come to us with their concerns. Go right ahead and put us to the test.

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You are not alone..

The latest national digital skills report findings showed that the need for digital supporting inclusion to help charities grow is stronger than ever.

of charities see improving their overall digital presence as the greatest priority for the next year.
of charity workers say that it is important to work for a charity that is developing digital skills.
of the charities want to use data more strategically
have someone who is leading on digital

What happens next?

After we’ve given you your complimentary audit, you can take that report and run with it in-house – however you see fit to implement the changes. Or, you can hand that report straight back to us, knowing that in order to really get your website serving as your strongest supporter and acting as your most advanced ambassador, you need to let Scruffymonkey do our thing in holding your hand with a full transformation session and digital consultancy.

We’ll work with you to create a full plan to develop (or even set up from scratch) all areas of your digital media marketing. We’ll then come to your office to work with you and your team to get everyone upskilled and on the same (web) page.

We’ve been doing this a while. The reason it works is because a digital consultancy and transformation session is often the most cost-effective and time-efficient way of working with charitable organisations who, quite frankly, need these digital skills in their armoury in order to be as impressive online as they are in person (and we know they’re AMAZING in person).

We see you. Now, let us support you.

Free Digital Audit

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