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We have been creating award-winning website for our clients for over 10 years using our proven easy to follow process.

We deliver Workshops to help in all areas of your Digital Marketing

Although the concept of having a monkey bounce around your office might not sound very appealing or productive, having a Scruffymonkey in your staffroom (or Zoom room) can be hugely valuable to your business (or charity – we love those) if what you’re after is some hands-on training to manage and develop your digital media marketing.

At Scruffymonkey, our workshops are tailored to the specific needs of each niche our clients operate within. Sessions can be delivered online over Zoom, or in person if you feel that’s more beneficial for the engagement and enjoyment of you and your team.

We can work one-to-one with either yourself (if you want to take the lead) or with a member of your team (if you feel they need support). Similarly, we can deliver our workshops with large groups – so that every member of the team gets to contribute, and no member of the crew feels left out! This is some serious in-monkey magic that everyone can benefit from.

As standard we run a range of focused workshops across the year that you’re welcome to swing along to, where we can give you all the best bits of all the stuff you need to make some monkey magic with your digital marketing – whatever your business’s size, shape, or sector. But if you’ve got a specific request or focus, just let us know, and we’ll get planning something that’s just for your jungle!

Content creation, social media, design tools (eg, Canva)… if it’s part of your online presence and branding, we’ve got the team members and the top techniques to really get you looking the part.

Get in touch, and let’s have a chat(ter) about it!

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