Our Story

The Evolution of Monkey at Scruffymonkey Web Design.

Everyone seems to be pivoting towards being a web designer these days, but we’ve been doing this since 2013.

And the Monkeys behind the magic? We’re Chris and Lin, and we actually met all the way back in 2002…

We both had a career background in IT and education, and we met whilst both working at a local high school. Teaching, planning, department management… we saw and did it all.

When Chris later left behind a key Business & IT role at a professional football club at Christmas 2013, his new year wish was that one day, he’d convince Lin to leave teaching and join him as an official part of Team Monkey. Just over 2 years later, she did!

As well as working together to combine over 30 years of creative and technical knowledge and experience between us, we work with some truly talented Monkeys to enhance every aspect of your website. It might be a jungle out there, but we haven’t monkeyed around when choosing the best of the chatter.

Though people assume that as a family business we must be small, we’ve worked closely over the years to build a strong team around us to ensure we can provide a full branding service to those who come to us in need of a new website – the full monkey mastery. Check out our Testimonials to see what we’re chattering about.


Chris Dawes

I’m Chris, the Original Monkey. I created Scruffymonkey after deciding to leave a career in corporate IT. Whilst I’d built a career based on being ‘techy’, I have to be honest and say that I didn’t exactly love it, and always wanted the opportunity to get involved in something more creative and person-centered. Known for my Star Wars obsession and the fact that it’s steadily taking over the office (and the house) in the form of my memorabilia, I love that in the past year I’ve been invited to events around the country to speak about the lessons that Star Wars has taught me about business and all things motivation and mindset. #Geek.


Lindsay Dawes

I’m Lin, Fellow Monkey. I joined Chris in the family business when Scruffymonkey began to grow as a much-loved and in-demand web design business in our hometown of Bolton. I love that whilst we have such loyal clients here, we actually work with clients all over the country. It’s amazing how much our reputation has grown. And my role? Where it’s all very well Chris being creative, artistic and marketing-focussed when it comes to all things Scruffymonkey, I’m here to keep things logical, organised and technically sound getting stuff done and keeping our clients smiling at Monkey HQ.  #Nerd.

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