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We have been creating award-winning website for our clients for over 10 years using our proven easy to follow process.

Websites require a certain level of upkeep when they go live. At Scruffymonkey, we can – and will – stop you from going bananas from just £50 per month.

Whilst we’re proud of our website design skills here at Monkey HQ, what’s really earned us our recognition is our reputation for the ongoing care we provide to our clients once their website has gone live.

We offer a range of packages to support you with your ongoing website functionality, and each one offers complete peace of mind as standard in the form of a detailed report at the start of each month that keeps you up to date with performance and problem solving. 

Peace of mind that ScruffyMonkey is keeping your website in tip-top shape, and keeping your business running – even while you sleep.

Website Support Report

*All of our clients receive a report at the beginning of the month keeping them up to date with their websites performance and peace of mind that Scruffymonkey is keeping their website in tip-top shape!

The benefits of our Website Support Services

We can save you and your staff time.

There’s no need for your staff to ‘upskill’

We can easily develop your website alongside your organisational development

You will never need to invest in a full website rebuild again

Access to experts to keep you up to date with the latest innovations in digital media

What our packages include for you on a daily basis…

Our typical hosting fee of £10+VAT per month is already covered in each and every one of our website support plans, so you don’t have any ‘extras’ you need to worry about when budgeting for your website.

You already know how important it is to back-up your work – and it’s no different when it comes to your website as an entity in its own right. Regular back-ups are like a safety net for your website’s structure and content, so if something ever went wrong – like a server crash or a cyber-attack – you’re completely protected with our full daily back-up provision. All of your hard work is safe, secure, and just as you left it.

Think of these security updates as digital locks on your website’s doors. Without regular updates, your website might – no, it WILL – have vulnerabilities that hackers can so very easily exploit. Our packages will keep all the nasties locked out, and the security of your website as a whole locked down.

Malware – just like hackers – can sneak in and wreak havoc at any point on an unprotected website, causing all sorts of issues from data theft to site crashes. By keeping a check on everything – and having strong security measures in place – you can ensure your site stays clean; freeing you from a hell of a lot of emotional as well as financial stress.

Downtime on a website can mean lost custom or revenue, missed business opportunities, and a not-so-friendly user experience for your site visitors. By monitoring around the clock, we can quickly spot and fix issues that might lead to downtime, ensuring that your website stays up and running without interruption.

WordPress updates are essential to grab, as they help keep your website running effectively and efficiently – for both you as the owner, and for your customers on their unique journey with your business. These updates cover Security, Performance, and Compatibility – so as technology evolves, so will your website. 

Knowing what your website stats are – and what they mean – should be a priority for any business  owner. It’s like having a dashboard for your online presence!

Performance Assessment: Stats help you understand how well your website is doing. You can track metrics like traffic, bounce rate, and conversion rates. This info is key for when you’re looking to make improvements that will turn those clicks into cash.

Audience Insights: By analysing stats, you can learn about your audience – where they’re from, what they like, and how they interact with your site. This helps you tailor your content to be more friendly and engaging for them, which in turn, improves your chances of taking them from browsing… to buying.

ROI Measurement: If you’re running a business or promoting something on your website, stats can show you what’s working and what’s not. It’s like a financial report card for your digital efforts.

Goal Setting: Stats help you set realistic goals and measure your progress. Whether it’s increasing traffic, boosting sales, or growing your email list, you can track (and be proud of) all your successes.

User Experience: By understanding how users navigate your site, you can improve their overall customer experience. It’s all about making your site more user-friendly and enjoyable. Hold their interest, and make it easy to buy.

Both you and every member of your staff receive a 50% discount to any Scruffymonkey workshop and training events.


The option of Scruffymonkey’s time each month to develop your site for you.
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