We can all say what our business does (Or at least I hope so). What do we do in its most basic form – We build websites.

Trying to get across the benefits of using your business services and why choosing you above other businesses thats a bigger challenge and can prove quite difficult.

Scruffymonkey received a great review recently from Maura Jackson at Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme. It was great in that we got high praise etc. But what really struck us and a bit of a Eureka moment – Is that these are the reasons we want people to choose Scruffymonkey, these are the benefits and our solutions to a problem and we are delivering – phew!!

I’d like to share the review we received:

“Moving our website development and management to Scruffymonkey was the best thing we ever did. Chris and Lindsay have been amazing from start to finish….. we haven’t finished! We signed up for an on going care package. The quality is superb and it really was pain free for me, a complete technophobe. They gave straight forward advice, they were clear about what was required and what would be delivered and they exceeded all expectations. The price was great for us too as we are a charity but we see this as an investment as everyone who wants to support us, fund us, work for us or just find out more will go to the website – or should do! It’s a no rip off, what you see is what you get, jargon free, stress free process! What more could you need? The fact they are good people as well is a complete bonus. Nothing scruffy about these monkeys….. marvellous service.”

Thinking Monkey - Scruffymonkey Web Design BoltonIts all about solving problems, identifying need and showing benefits – a bit more than saying you build websites.

I attended a great training event today as part of Business for Breakfast which was being run by the fantastic Paul Heath of Ethical Business Mentoring and we learnt a lot about networking techniques including 60sec pitches, talking about your business and identifying need where you can help prospective clients. It came down to how I was saying what Scruffymonkey is. If I say I own a web design business and I make websites thats not very interesting and not something where people might immediately think it may be for them but if I say ‘We create an online presence for you and your business to showcase your products and services to their maximum potential with minimal effort required you the client’ that suddenly makes it a lot more attractive and yet Scruffymonkey are doing exactly the same thing!

Understanding your offering and its benefits to potential clients is an important journey to take with your business. How to get those across is the next step. Listening to your clients feedback, reviewing your business operations regularly, and not being afraid to listen to experts advice will certainly help!