A CMS (Content Management System) is the back end of your website, but did you know your customers don’t know whether you are using a CMS or a static-page website whereas you’ll definitely know the difference? Read on for more information

A static-page website is where your website is fixed with content. Every page on the website is coded in HTML and each visitor to the website sees exactly the same.

With a CMS website, there are a number of benefits compared to the traditional static-page website, here’s just a few:

You don’t need to be techy! You don’t need to know anything about HTML codes to manage a CMS, non-techy folk can edit pages to their hearts content, very easily!

You are in control! A CMS based website gives you control of what you would like to display on your website, your logos, text etc as nobody knows your business like you do.

It updates automatically! If you add, edit or delete a page on a CMS website, the content will be updated automatically, not only that, the site menu’s will update automatically too!

You can update it 24/7! If you run a CMS based website, anyone with permissions to do so can edit the website any time, any day!

Google will LOVE you! Google LOVES new content, and so do your customers! By updating your website regularly, Google will notice the fresh content and will rank you higher for it, plus your customers will see that you’re alive!

Communication with customers! With a CMS website, your customers can contact you directly through the website instead of having to email you, which makes it so much easier for them to contact you!

Mobile friendly! Did you know? A CMS website will automatically scale your website content to fit mobile devices and tablets? Fabulous!

Search engine friendly! By having a CMS website you can enforce content in regard to search engines. So page titles, media, URL’s etc. A CMS will help you optimise your website to help customers find you easier on a search engine.

If you need any more information on why a CMS website will benefit you, just give us a call and we’d be more than happy to help. 01204 214228