Your web site is your shop window, is it selling you short?

Web sites, like any business equipment require regular servicing to ensure maximum effect and income from it. Systems and equipment gradually lose their efficiency due to the passage of time, and as it is Spring (nearly) it is time for a fresh look.

Your web site is your major asset and truly your window on the world. Is it working well for you?
Has the return from your web site slowed slightly and gone unnoticed?

Take a look, check out the visits, are fewer people interacting with you via your web site, or are they no longer buying as much from you because of it?

Is it out of date, are you lagging behind your competitors because of it? Or, would you simply like to do better than you have to date? Maybe, your web site is not so smart any more, maybe it is looking a little boring and unloved?

Any shop window, if left with the same display to quietly gather dust, will lose attraction with the visitor. So, let’s have a spring clean and in the process have a freshen up. You will be amazed just how much a smart new look will turn things around. These few ideas may help make your up mind.

Why not:-

  • Give the competition a run for their money.
  • Add new features, new pages, colour and movement.
  • Make the site mobile friendly (responsive) – a must if it isn’t already!
  • Integration with and access to Social media.
  • Change things around, change the emphasis.
  • Bring in new ideas, new stock lines, new services etc.
  • Turf out items that don’t work so well.
  • Increase and attract more visitors.
  • Increase business, increase profits, increase benefits to your organization. You really can’t lose!

Web sites should not be under estimated in their value to any organization, they can make access to information so easy, but they can also increase levels of frustration that will drive people away, so let us take them seriously.

So give your web site a spring clean and make progress.

If you would like to discuss how Scruffymonkey Digital Media can give you site a spring clean contact us: or call 01204 21428 and find more info about our website design services here