So, last night we were up for an award ‘Family Business of the Year 2017’ for The Bolton and Bury Business Awards. Very cool. At first we didnt think we wanted to win but as it grew closer and closer we really wanted it and it suddenly meant a lot to us – great recognition and all that jazz.

We lost. We were gutted. We received our finalist certificate and headed home. Something happened a lot quicker than I anticipated – We actually didn’t care that much at all!!

Why didnt we care? Look at how far we’ve come. 4 years ago the thought of something like this wouldn’t have entered our heads. 5 years ago having a business of our own wouldn’t have either.

Here’s the big bit though – How could anyone tell you if your were a successful business or not in any category. You have to look at it this way, success is something subjective. Success to some people is having a flash car with a personalised plate or having X amount of turnover and drinking a posh bottle of plonk. Something we have learnt over our time in business is what a successful business is to us – Contentment and being able to have the lifestyle we want to have. Absolutely priceless and worth more than any trophy or certificate we could have in the office.

Bottom line, wow! Look at how much we have achieved! Everybody should learn to measure their own success – You know if you are winning or not and you should not need to be told. Our biggest prize – taking the little one to school in the morning, loving what we do and meeting and helping fantastic people!!! – Wonderful. It was a marvellous event and great to see success in various forms. Great people in Bolton doing great things and we are very proud to be amongst these as a finalist – our biggest victory is knowing we have to measure our success first!