Re-Awarding Success

Re-Awarding Success

It was such a lovely surprise last week for the monkey’s to find an award nomination in their inbox, ’Couple of the Year’ no less, for the She Inspires Awards 2021 – give them both a banana.

They were both truly humbled. They have both ‘bagged’ one in the past (not that they mention it much – lols!) one for Woman in IT and the other for HeForShe for supporting Woman in the community and beyond. 

The monkeys are incredibly honest about the awards they have received over the years. Some mean a lot, some don’t. Being brutal about it, let’s be honest here, some awards are totally crap and a cash cow for the organiser. Chief monkey on more than a few occasions has turned some away – a distraction from what’s truly important.

These awards are different. They are from people who ‘get it’. Change makers those that want to make a difference in the community and want to champion people who do so also. We salute them. They celebrate success. A good decent version of success, not how many votes, Joe Bloggs knows John Smith so give them the nod and they bought a full table so keep them happy. 

Success is a word with so many meanings. It’s a word that we talk about in the office A LOT. We are not concerned with somebody else’s version of success, we are only concerned with OURS.

That’s the thing about success, It’s different to everyone. We’ve sat in award interviews and been asked about profit, turnover and all that (important yes – but a sign of our success – NO!). Our success is happiness. Happy that we’ve made a difference. We’ve realised our potential and are living the life we want to live. You cant beat it. Money doesn’t necessarily buy success. It’s a really important lesson all business owners need to learn. Honestly, knowing what we know now we were more successful than the people asking the questions. If we worked the hours they did, it would be an epic fail in life and business based on what’s important to us.

Success isn’t finite. It’s not ‘I’ve got X now so I’m successful’, It’s a feeling. A feeling that can be controlled and mastered. Sometimes the simplest things in life can give us a level of happiness and success that’s unrivalled.  Chief monkey always says he feels the most successful in the morning when he gets out of bed. Zero stress, a day full of opportunity and gratitude for everything they have created. Not sad and miserable about going to work. Priceless.

If the Monkeys do get to the finals, they will be there in their glad rags as proud as ever to be amongst some of the finest in the North-West and beyond. Amongst those who want to make a difference. Those that know what success truly is.