Scruffymonkey are consciously ripping up the rule book. There is frankly a lot of nonsense in the digital world. The ‘big agency” mentality has got to change. There are too many people out there starting up and advertising themselves as a digital agency. Its nonsense. We believe in being honest and true to ourselves, and our clients, about what we can do. Every single one of us out there has our own particular area of expertise.

Our area of expertise is web design. Therefore we are a web design company and not a digital agency. We are not experts in SEO, graphic design, PPC, film production, photography etc etc. we could go on! All these companies who say they are, clearly have dozens of staff or they are talking s*#t! Often they are promising a service that they frankly can’t deliver. A perfect example of this is SEO. Anyone who comes to Scruffymonkey, is here for a website. If they want any of these additional services, we tell them where best to get them. We have a list of contacts in each field, there are no kick-backs, no contracts, no white labelling – no monkey business! Why does it need to be more complicated than that?

Scruffymonkey are doing it our own way. Perhaps the whole digital industry has been a bit too self serving and not as client-focussed as it should be.

Maybe we should just keep it simple – no monkey business!

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