Why is it in life and business we always try and make things difficult and over complicated?

Is it because we subconsciously like to put barriers in our way? Do we overthink things or do we just like to make thinks sound complicated to big ourselves up a bit being brutally honest.

The more our business grows, the more systems, policies and procedures we need to make sure we are outputting what we need to and keep things nice and ordered. The trick though is to keep things as simple a we can for the client. If things get complicated it becomes a hassle – Who wants a hassle right?

Simplicity is something we need to apply in all areas of our business. Including the selling of our products and services. Can you say what you do in just a couple of sentences and in a way ‘joe bloggs’ can be able to understand it. It amazes me that people can’t do it. The more simple we make things both personally and professionally the better things get!

We have been through quite a lot of this particularly in our early years trying to add loads of services like it was some sign of success. It wasn’t. The business was more successful by keeping it ultra simple and just delivering two services which the client truly understood.

We have experienced a lot of the above when we are working with new/existing clients. They try and give too much information and base it purely on a quantitive approach to content etc. They think the more we tell them, the better chance I have of an enquiry. No. Tell them what they NEED to know. Time is a precious commodity and nobody will spend time reading loads of content about a product or service when it could be explained in bullet points or more visually. 

Keep it simple everyone!