People often ask “why go with a web designer when there are so many cheap online web builders?”

Online web builders such as Wix and Weebly have a place and use but there are pitfalls for those that choose to use them.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider using a professional website designer rather than go it alone.

We are living in a mobile world

Did you know 75% of internet users went online via mobile and tablet devices at the end of 2015?

The vast majority of websites are now viewed from mobile phones and tablets. This means that your website needs to be mobile-friendly to cope with the variety of screen sizes of tablets and different smartphones. The websites that online web builders create are often limited in how responsive they are. This means the fancy website you have spent time creating is no longer being viewed they way you want it and its audience will be very limited and not be accessible from their devices.

Future Proof

Websites created using online builders are often limited in terms of functionality. You often have to pay extra to add things such as custom forms, calendars etc. This means that your website may not have the ability to grow as your business does, by using a professional website designer, you will be in control as the work is being done for you and you will have a package tailored for your individual needs.

On the move

As your business grows and you find that the site you created online no longer does everything you want it to do and you wish for it to be much more extensive, you will discover that moving your site is not an option. Online builders often use their own custom tools to create forms etc and therefore when you want to move your site, you will lose these elements. This leads to extra work and further costs in the future.

You get what you pay for

Web builders, although cheap to begin with, can often end up the expensive option. As already mentioned, you often have to pay for extra functionality to make your website do what you need. Often you also have to pay a premium to make sure your website doesn’t have adverts from the web building site. Often this can be more expensive then a professional web designer in the long run. By using a professional web designer, you have complete peace of mind that there’s always someone to talk to for advice.

It’s all about the branding

Web builders often give you a cheap website building alternative but this comes at a cost. Very often you will not get your own domain, sometimes having a website address tagged onto the web builder name e.g site. This is not the professional look your company needs.

Web builders sometimes have limitations on how personalised you can make your site.

If you want your company’s branding to stand out from the rest you need a site that reflects it.